I am Himanshu Verma a Stock Augmenting Coach and Founder & CEO of HimanshuGyan LLP.

I mentor young professionals in Stock Market and financial literacy.

Investing Products

Stock Market

Stock Market is a place where equity shares of companies are bought and sold by the participants (Buyers and Sellers of stocks).

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds is an investment product. It is started and managed by a Mutual Fund company that pools money from various investors and invests.


Gold acts as a diversified and a vehicle to mitigate losses in times of market stress. It can serve as a hedge against inflation and currency risk.

Real Estate

Real Estate industry comprises of many facets of property, including development, appraisal, marketing, selling, leasing, management of commercial, industrial, residential, and agricultural properties.


About us

HimanshuGyan LLP is a recognized startup by the Startup India program, Ministry of Commerce & Industry Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Government of India. HimanshuGyan LLP is the best-suited platform for Students, Traders/Investors & all those who have an interest in the financial market. At HimanshuGyan LLP, we try to help people to achieve their financial goals by spreading financial literacy. We aim to spread financial literacy in India. And trying to spread awareness/education/knowledge to each person in India & out of India and about the financial market.
HimanshuGyan LLP is a very phenomenal venture to train young professionals about the financial securities market, trading, investments, and wealth management, etc. To crack great deals of opportunities and acquire sustainably lucrative and cost-effective deals one needs to have the right guidance and mentorship. Even Chanakya mentored Chandragupta Maurya. So, showing way and vision are very imperative to the young budding minds. We know the significance and importance of financial growth and its financial literacy is critical because it equips us with the knowledge and skills, we need to manage money effectively.


HimanshuGyan LLP is a recognized startup by the Startup India program, Ministry of Commerce & Industry Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Government of India.


All Sizes Business

Coaching is a developmental approach to working and interacting with other people. It can help people develop their personal capabilities, interpersonal skills and capacity to understand and empathise with others.

Awesome Results

The purpose of mentoring is to tap into the existing knowledge, skills, experience of senior or high performing employees/people, and transfer these skills to newer or less experienced employees/people in order to advance their careers in the financial field.

Significant ROI

Quality investing is an effective investment strategy based on a set of clearly defined fundamental criteria that seeks to identify companies with outstanding quality characteristics. The quality assessment is made based on soft criteria for instance; management credibility and hard criteria for instance, balance sheet stability. Quality investing supports best overall rather than best-in-class approach.


Our Aim & Mission

  • We aim to deliver top-notch financial literacy for financial independence since it is the need for an hour.
  • Our primary focus is to ensure and prepare individuals for financial freedom even in the times of crisis.
  • We believe that talent without an opportunity is of no account so we provide a platform to learn and execute ideas.
  • We want every civilian to run a very profit making and long lasting business.
  • We aim to spread financial literacy in India. Moreover, trying to spread awareness/education/knowledge to each person in India & foreign countries about the financial market.
  • Our mission is to make entire India free from financial constraints by instilling the spirit of financial independence in the young minds.
  • We have envisioned ourselves to make every person to run a sustainable business.
  • We believe that one’s network is their net worth.
  • Our mission is also to dilute pills of motivation in the minds of our community of consumers, which will help them to keep up with striving.
  • The coronavirus has taught us the importance of being financially prepared, we realise the importance and significance of money accentuation and augmentation. Therefore, you are now one-step away from winning.

Why to choose HimanshuGyan LLP?

HimanshuGyan LLP is a very strong network based platform with invincible bank of knowledge. The impeccable support and guidance we will provide that can’t be provided anywhere. Stock Market promotes investment. The raising of capital allows companies to grow their businesses, expand operations and create jobs in the economy. This investment is a key driver for economic trade, growth and prosperity. It even helps individual for massive income until retirement.

Our Benefits
Stock Market Training

Stock Market is a tool of this era, and it is crucial that we invest in stock market so learn from us; we have the experts with us.

Growth Hacks

We provide best and advance financial growth hacks, which are calculable and saleable.

Live Trading

We suggest and mentor about training and directing on live trading in stock market.

Time Management of Investing

The loss of time equals loss of money. Therefore, we highly recommend and train on time management of investing so that the highest ROI (Return on Investment) that can be secured at the right time because the timing is very vital in the financial field.


What Makes Us Different?

  • We are knowledgeable and experience
  • We are empathetic, & we understand the importance of money management
  • We are widely spreading knowledge in the financial industry
  • We care about all our valuable customers
  • We help our consumer’s financial figures

We offer events in colleges, corporate & societies, to make them aware about financial market and business world.

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Myths & Facts

  • Stock market investments are only for the rich
  • Stock Market investing is essentially much like gambling
  • The Stock Market is exclusively for experts
  • You can only make money by investing a lot of money
  • High risk means high returns in the Stock Market
  • People know only NSE and BSE in India. But we have 9 trading exchanges in India.
  • The bull market and bear market are the most commonly used terms in the stock market.
  • Only 2.6% of the overall Indian population invest in the stock market. As compared to any major city in India, Mumbai has the highest number of Demat accounts.

Our Latest Media

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1. Is Stock Market a Boon or a Bane?

If done very mindfully and with strategically with ample amount of literacy and awareness, then it’s definitely a Boon. Knowledge is a key to success. So, it’s very important to acquaint yourself with the advance knowledge.

2. How to invest/apply for an IPO online?

You can invest or apply online in IPO using your trading/demat account.

3. Who should invest in Stock Market?

Anybody can invest in Stock Market and online trading who aim to witness exponential growth and success.

4. How can one be defined as financially literate?

Financially literate is being educated in financial responsibility and being financially aware. This means understanding loans whether they be personal, auto, education or a mortgage; credit cards and credit ratings and how those affect your future ability to get a car or a house; balancing a check book; and now it will need to include making wiser consumer decisions.

5. What can be the plausible consequences of not knowing about financial literacy?

Its 100% possible that one is very likely to face dire consequences in wealth management if one is not aware of financial literacy. One can witness the collapse of the distribution of wealth and loses.


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