Himanshu Verma, Stock Augmenting Coach and the Visionary Founder & CEO of HimanshuGyan LLP.

We empower and guide students and professionals in the world of the Stock Market, nurturing financial literacy for a prosperous tomorrow.


About us

Embark on a journey with HimanshuGyan LLP, a recognized Startup India marvel backed by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. It's your tailored platform, catering to Students, Traders, Investors, and all financial enthusiasts. At HimanshuGyan, we weave dreams into reality through financial literacy, sparking a revolution in India and beyond. Unleash your potential with us, as we decode the world of financial markets, investments, and wealth management. Just as Chanakya guided Chandragupta, we illuminate your path to prosperity, ensuring you're equipped with the prowess to navigate the realm of finances. Join us to master money management and secure your financial future.

Investing Products

Stock Market

Dive into the dynamic realm of the Stock Market, a bustling arena where company shares find new owners in the exhilarating tango of Buyers and Sellers.

Mutual Funds

A masterpiece of investments orchestrated by skilled Mutual Fund companies, harmonizing resources from diverse investors into a symphony of smart ventures.


The ultimate diversifier, safeguarding against market turmoil, inflation's bite, and currency rollercoasters – your steadfast shield in times of financial flux.

Real Estate

The Real Estate industry is a rich tapestry, weaving together property's every dimension – from creation, valuation, and promotion to sales, rentals, and overseeing of commercial, industrial, residential, and agricultural domains.

Recognised By Start-Up India & MSME

HimanshuGyan LLP shines as a recognized startup endorsed by India's prestigious Startup India initiative under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, championing progress in Industry and Trade.


All Sizes Business
The Art of Coaching

In life's intricate tapestry, the alchemy of personal and professional growth reveals hidden treasures. It nurtures skills, empathy, forging a symphony of understanding. This transformative journey breathes life into capacities, weaving self-discovery with progress. Empathy guides, illuminating paths of collaboration. The alchemy of growth: a testament to the human spirit.

Awesome Results
Mentoring Unveiled

Mentoring weaves experience with aspiration. Seasoned luminaries share wisdom, igniting fledgling stars. They pave paths to financial prowess, guiding tomorrow's leaders. A tapestry of growth, where brilliance transfers, and torchbearers light the way for a luminous future.

Significant ROI
A Symphony of Quality Investing

Quality Investing where strategy meets discernment. Melding meticulous fundamentals with visionary insight. Seeking gems among companies, those radiating tangible stability and intangible integrity. Elevating portfolios with a holistic, excellence-focused approach. A harmonious orchestration that champions enduring value over mere prominence.


Our Vission & Mission

  • We aim to deliver top-notch financial literacy for financial independence since it is the need for an hour.
  • Our primary focus is to ensure and prepare individuals for financial freedom even in the times of crisis.
  • We believe that talent without an opportunity is of no account so we provide a platform to learn and execute ideas.
  • We want every civilian to run a very profit making and long lasting business.
  • We aim to spread financial literacy in India. Moreover, trying to spread awareness/education/knowledge to each person in India & foreign countries about the financial market.
  • Our mission is to make entire India free from financial constraints by instilling the spirit of financial independence in the young minds.
  • We have envisioned ourselves to make every person to run a sustainable business.
  • We believe that one’s network is their net worth.
  • Our mission is also to dilute pills of motivation in the minds of our community of consumers, which will help them to keep up with striving.
  • The coronavirus has taught us the importance of being financially prepared, we realise the importance and significance of money accentuation and augmentation. Therefore, you are now one-step away from winning.

Why to choose HimanshuGyan LLP?

Elevate your investments with HimanshuGyan LLP! Unleash unparalleled stock market insights for success. Guiding beginners to pros, we're your path to prosperity. Join a thriving community, fuel growth, and secure your financial future. Let's redefine investing, together!

Our Benefits
Stock Market Training

Tap into the Power of the Stock Market: Vital in this era. Learn from our experts to make informed investment decisions. Don't miss out on potential growth. Join us today!

Growth Hacks

Unlock Advanced Financial Growth Hacks: Calculable and Marketable. Elevate Your Prosperity with Us.

Live Trading

Empowering Success: Expert Live Stock Trading Guidance. Elevate Your Skills with Our Tailored Mentoring.

Time Management of Investing

Conquer Time, Amplify Returns! Elevate Your Investment Game with Expert Time Management. Join the Financial Revolution.


What Makes Us Different?

  • We are knowledgeable and experience
  • We are empathetic, & we understand the importance of money management
  • We are widely spreading knowledge in the financial industry
  • We care about all our valuable customers
  • We help our consumer’s financial figures

We offer events in colleges, corporate & societies, to make them aware about financial market and business world.

Collaborate with us

Myths & Facts

  • Stock Market is Exclusive to the Wealthy.
  • Stock Market Investing is Comparable to Gambling.
  • Stock Market is Only for Experts.
  • Big Investments are the Only Path to Profit.
  • High Risk Always Equals High Returns.
  • India have 23 Trading Exchanges including NSE and BSE.
  • T Bull and Bear Markets: Stock Market Lingo.
  • Stock Market Participation in India: 2.6% Population.
  • Mumbai Leads in Demat Accounts Among Cities.


1. Is Stock Market a Boon or a Bane?

If done very mindfully and with strategically with ample amount of literacy and awareness, then it’s definitely a Boon. Knowledge is a key to success. So, it’s very important to acquaint yourself with the advance knowledge.

2. How to invest/apply for an IPO online?

You can invest or apply online in IPO using your trading/demat account.

3. Who should invest in Stock Market?

Anybody can invest in Stock Market and online trading who aim to witness exponential growth and success.

4. How can one be defined as financially literate?

Financially literate is being educated in financial responsibility and being financially aware. This means understanding loans whether they be personal, auto, education or a mortgage; credit cards and credit ratings and how those affect your future ability to get a car or a house; balancing a check book; and now it will need to include making wiser consumer decisions.

5. What can be the plausible consequences of not knowing about financial literacy?

Its 100% possible that one is very likely to face dire consequences in wealth management if one is not aware of financial literacy. One can witness the collapse of the distribution of wealth and loses.


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