Founder & CEO

Himanshu Verma

Step into the world of finance's virtuoso, Himanshu Verma, a certified NISM luminary. With over 7 years of mesmerizing experience, he navigates the financial realm like a seasoned captain. His expertise, akin to the magical notes of a symphony, resonates profoundly in the intricate dance of BTST trading. Yet, amidst these intricate financial pirouettes, his heart's desire is to illuminate the path for those intimidated by investing, dispelling their misconceptions of a perilous gamble.
With the benevolence of a modern-day alchemist, he imparts his stock market acumen gratis through the canvas of YouTube. His channel becomes a palette, mixing hues of knowledge to craft a masterpiece of financial understanding. Through his certification programs, he cultivates fertile minds, sowing seeds of financial literacy into the next generation of market mavericks.
An angel in the investment realm, Himanshu breathes life into embryonic startups, infusing them with the elixir of capital. His story is one of orchestration - of financial symphonies composed, conducted, and played for a harmonious future.


Shambhu Kumar

In the realm of real estate, Shambhu Kumar stands as a renowned investor and guide, a trusted companion on the journey to intelligent investment decisions. His expertise extends beyond the ordinary; he's a maestro in property development, boasting a rich history of steering numerous real estate projects to resounding success.
Mr. Shambhu's illustrious career is defined by a remarkable talent for turning undervalued properties into veritable goldmines. His track record is a testament to his mastery, earning him the well-deserved status of being among the foremost real estate investors in the industry.
Align your real estate aspirations with Shambhu Kumar, and embark on a path to financial prosperity, where every investment decision is backed by wisdom and experience.

Technical Lead and Marketing Specialist

Muskan kalra

Introducing the luminary, Muskan Kalra - Technical Maestro and Marketing Virtuoso. With a captivating journey spanning 2 years, Muskan orchestrates innovation as a Technical Lead while harmonizing the symphony of marketing brilliance.
Like an architect of the digital realm, she constructs solutions with the finesse of a master craftsman. Coding languages are her notes, and the software landscape is her canvas. Simultaneously, as a Marketing Specialist, she spins narratives that enrapture minds and captivate hearts.
Her odyssey has been a dual sonnet—a duet of technological prowess and artistic finesse. With each passing day, Muskan continues to compose the saga of her professional voyage, leaving an indelible melody of excellence in the domains of both technology and marketing.