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HimanshuGyan LLP has collaboration with the leading broking firm known as "Angel One Ltd. (formerly known knows as Angel Broking Ltd)" the demat account is going be going to open in "Angel One Ltd." but managed by "HimanshuGyan LLP" under the supervision of Mr. Himanshu Verma, You can check his profile for past records. Click here!

A program designed for everyone who like to refer their friends to open a Trading and Demat Account to start their investment journey with "HimanshuGyan LLP"


  • For each referral you will get "Flat 10% Brokerage" sharing of your clients on a monthly basis till 3 months.
  • Zero account opening charge with us.
  • Priority Support on Demat Account
  • Learning about "Stock Market"
  • Free consultation on "Real Estate Investment"
  • Free consultation on "Insurances"
  • Free consultation on "Loans"
  • Support for Business Improvement
  • Top 5 traders will get a chance to win our "Platinum Gyan Course" Free of cost.


  • If you refer your friend and he/she opened his/her account in the current month, then you will get the credit of the brokerage sharing in your bank account on the 10th date of the next month.
  • You will not be eligible for the payout of yourself & family member's account, but for yourself you will get one-time Rs.500/- amazon voucher.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Clients should not already hold a demat account with Angel One Ltd., if they have already then it should be inactive since last 6 months & they should be ready to shift their accounts with us.
  • You must fill out this form with the correct details, so that our team can connect with your friend's.
  • You must have a demat & trading account with us with anyone of our brokers.
  • You make sure to enter your name & number to get rewarded every month.
  • Your referral should investment minimum 25k with trading within the 3 days of the account opening date as an initial margin.
  • For self-account opening you need to trade continuously 1 month to get Rs.500/- amazon voucher on the 10th of the next month.
  • After submitting this form, you will get a call within 12 hours.
  • There is no upper limit here to earn you can earn as much as you can with "HimanshuGyan LLP".
  • Self-account opening by the client directly on the company website (Angel One Ltd.) will not be considered for program.
  • You must inform your prospect not to open their account by themselves, until our team connects with them.
  • Most importantly this referral program is only valid for equity (Intraday & Delivery), F&O (Future & Options).


1. Who is a Referrer?

Referrer is an individual who refers his friends and acquaintances for opening his/her Demat Account with us.

2. Who is a Referee?

Referee is an individual who has been referred for opening his/ her Demat account with us by the Referrer.

3. What is Refer & Earn Program?

Give an online reference of your friends and once your friends open an account with us, you will be rewarded.


For further assistance feel free to contact us.


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