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In this course, you will learn about the inception of Stock Market. This course is for the beginners and those who have develop an interest in Stock Market.

Course Objective

Himanshu Gyan aims to deliver and solve the misconception. We have been taught the wrong concepts and practices about Indian financial markets, securities market segmentation and mutual funds. Himanshu Gyan have tried to address every aspect of the stock market in an affordable way for every Indian.

  • We provide a revolutionary level courses.
  • We help you to achieve your goals.

Topics to be Covered

  • Introduction to Indian Financial Markets
  • Securities Market Segments
  • Mutual Funds
  • Investment Products

Course Benefits

  • Learn all hidden secrets, myths and trivia of the stock market.
  • Learn to identify good stocks/share to invest.
  • Learn to manage the risk of stock market investments.
  • Learn about significant historical events of the stock market.

How to Enroll

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  • You will be rewarded with a mandatory certificate, which holds a very high weightage in the Financial Securities Market/Stock Market industry.
  • Since it’s from India’s most desired stock market coach.


  • The duration of each course will be of 5 days, and it will be gainful and exciting.
  • You will get an access of the session in email and then you are good to go.


  • It will be bilingual, both in English and Hindi (Hinglish).

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